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December 21, 2016

Each holiday season, marketers can look forward to a few months of predictable shopping behavior and navigation trends. This year, right on cue, shoppers made their way to supermarkets in the run-up to Thanksgiving Day and flooded retail storefronts on Black Friday. And, as we enter the first week of January, we expect consumers to start hitting the gym in pursuit of their dreams of improved health and rock-hard abs in 2017. As we wrap up the holiday season, we take a look at the navigation habits of these fitness-focused "resolutionaries" and share some insights to help you capitalize on consumers' unusually high motivation.
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December 19, 2016

Geolocation is transforming the advertising industry, and as a number of 2016 location-based marketing campaigns demonstrate, marketers are taking innovative and diverse approaches to reach on-the-go consumers.
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December 16, 2016

All marketers understand the value of knowing not only who is buying their products, but also when consumers are making purchases and how their foot traffic stacks up against the competition. But have you ever considered leveraging data from other businesses, or even other industries, to hone your location-based marketing strategy? Unless you're in the biz, you probably wouldn't give a second thought to year-end car shopping trends, but they stand to enlighten more than just the people selling cars. Nearly all consumers start their research online, so connecting the dots between the device and the dealership is more important than ever.

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December 14, 2016

If tradition holds, consumers can be counted on for at least two things this holiday season: shopping and dining out. Yes, when those Christmas songs are playing and that mistletoe is swaying, Americans are shopping up a storm—and stopping off at restaurants while they're at it.
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December 08, 2016

Shopping, holiday travel, and snow—just a few of the many reasons why roads in the United States tend to be busier than usual in December. For savvy brands, this influx in traffic represents a wealth of opportunities to reach customers and influence their purchasing decisions.

By digging into Waze navigation data from last year, we discovered patterns that may help brands focus their marketing efforts, connect more powerfully with their consumers, and make the most of this December's shopping extravaganza. And, if you're planning to squeeze in some last-minute holiday shopping, these insights could also help you beat the crowds..

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