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March 31, 2016

Much the same way that it reimagined digital map creation all those years ago, Waze now strives to improve the location-based marketing industry through a combination of specialized insights and native ad formats. After years of testing, we’re now able to prove that ads on Waze have a measurable impact on drivers; advertisers see an increase in general brand awareness and navigations to business locations while on the map. But the question remains, what does this mean in the grand scheme of things?

Our hope with this blog is that it evolves into a quality resource for brands and agencies alike to learn not just about location as it applies to mobile advertising, but as a broader tool to help marketers make better decisions. We aspire to share meaningful insights that help everyone better understand how to navigate the landscape and in turn, when it makes sense to partner with Waze. That said, the only thing more important to us than our commitment to pushing the location marketing industry forward is creating quality brand experiences for consumers.

Our learnings are dependent on a community of 50M active users around the world who act as a focus group, continually teaching us how they prefer to engage with brands as elements of their daily routines. By allowing the users to lead the way, we’ve been able to conceptualize a native ad experience that is mutually beneficial for both drivers and brands. It is our intention with the content we produce to make this often complex positioning and perspective more digestible as a means to serve advertisers in pursuit of location innovation. 

And with that, we invite you to read on.
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