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March 16, 2016

How often are you given a gift card just for filling up your gas tank? The average 76 customer might (surprisingly) estimate 20 percent of the time. The TANK5 campaign the fuel provider launched in 2014 offered customers a one-in-five chance to win a gift card instantly every time they filled up with eight gallons or more. This marketing case study highlights how the partnership between Waze and 76 was beneficial to both the company and its customers.

At Waze, we give a nod of approval to any brand whose tag line is "we're on the driver's side," but in this particular case, we identified an opportunity to cultivate a partnership that would save drivers both time and money. 76 used their logo to mark fuel locations throughout California on the Waze map, with the goal of generating location and brand awareness among nearby motorists. Tapping the branded map pins triggered drop-down, billboard-style messages promoting the TANK5 gift card offer as a way of encouraging an audience of fuel consumers to choose 76 over competing brands. Put simply, "We use Waze to show drivers in real time exactly where our stations are located and make it easy for them to navigate to the pump," explains Melanie Meunier from the fuel chain's Agency of Record, Media Storm.

During the two-month TANK5 campaign on Waze, there were over 10,000 navigations to advertised 76 stations, and over 35,000 drivers elected to save the offer to read later. Over a two-month time period, more than 10,000 drivers navigated to promoted locations as a direct result of receiving 76 ads on Waze.

Waze product specialists push that success metric a step further, testing various brands' influence on navigation behavior over time, independent of action taken directly from an ad unit. The data reveals that, on average, advertised locations on the Waze map see a 53 percent lift in navigations when compared with a control group over the same period of time. Through this unique assessment, Waze is not only able to demonstrate, but also quantify behavioral changes among consumers as they relate to ad campaigns, something other attribution methods can only imply.

"Waze not only helped boost brand awareness and engagement, but also helped customers find their way to our stations," says Meunier. "Overall, Waze connects us with consumers in a meaningful way, helping us increase brand awareness and provide value to our customers." The results of this marketing case study show us that through our partnership, we're both on the driver's side.

Hayley Besecker is a Product Marketing Manager for Waze Ads.
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